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GELS has launched the computerized versions of Bachpan's academic content by the brand name Prismart (Promising &Resourceful Innovations for Scholars & Mentors towards Academic Reforms &Technological transition). The word Prismart is formed from two words Primary and Smart which means it is primarily smart. GELS has made the e-learning solutions after having an in depth understanding of the requirements of schools, teachers and children.

Mission Statement

•Giving good values to our children.
•Giving profound quality education. 
•Focusing on edutainment.
•Interface that is user friendly. 

Concept of Prismart

Over the last thirty years, many things have changed in our lives with the all round application of technology. Somehow schools did not benefit much by technology. The classrooms of 100 years ago are similar to the kind of classrooms now in India with Chalk and blackboard, packed with children, books and exercise books, rigid syllabus, a teacher trying to explain difficult ideas with the help of a blackboard.

PriSmart brings about a innovative development in schools. The biology teacher is able to demonstrate the mechanism for duplication of genes on a big screen with 3 dimensional effects. If the students find any point difficult, the teacher can pause the animation or rerun it as many times as necessary. He can also enlarge or colour any part of the video to show any idea. The geography teacher can display the tectonic plates moving and pushing each other to form mountains and seas. The history teacher can show enactments of various aspects of the Greek civilization and make them vivid and interesting for the students. The students may witness the trial of Socrates or the conquests of Alexander. The students do not have to force themselves to concentrate. Rather they feel themselves a part of the lesson. The ideas of the teachers become interesting and also entertaining for the pupils. Even weak students in the class are able to retain many of the concepts demonstrated on the screen. children get both video and audio contributions on what and how happens and are able to retain the information with less boredom and efforts.


Unique Features of PriSmart

  • Interactive worksheets. +

    PriSmart is having more than 3000 interactive sheets and quizzes so that every chapter can be indulging.
  • 3D animations of content. +

    We have Three Dimensional (3D) content so that the kids can related with it.
  • Fully HD content +

    100% content first time in Indian academics in High Definition.
  • Best R&D set-up. +

    A dedicated team of highly qualified members for Research and Development.
  • Complete e-modules. +

    Every chapter of all the books is covered, so that no learning gap comes in education.
  • Colourful eye-catching visuals. +

    Very good quality resolution video with bright colors to catch and retain the interest of kids.
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Meet the Team Management


Deepak Deopa

Managing Director

Lalita C. Deopa

Chief Executive Officer

Jyoti D. Rautela

Chief Marketing Officer

Pawan Chuphal

Chief Operations Officer