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 PrismArt is a digital tool initiated by Gyan Era Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which has already been adopted by progressive schools in India. PrismArt is improving the way teachers explain and students study in schools. It’s a movement of modern technology that is fast becoming an essential aid for schools. Soon it will touch more students in progressive schools in India.


Over the last thirty years, many things have changed in our lives with the all round application of technology. Somehow schools did not benefit much by technology. The classrooms of 100 years ago are similar to the kind of classrooms now in India with Chalk and blackboard, packed with children, books and exercise books, rigid syllabus, a teacher trying to explain difficult ideas with the help of a blackboard.

Suppose a teacher is explaining the replication of genes in DNA, or a geography teacher is trying to explain how mountains are formed or a Historian tries to describe the Greek civilization. The teachers try very hard to convey their ideas to students. The students hear the teachers speaking, then copy the diagrams and attempt to understand the diagrams drawn by the hand of the teacher. Some students also read from their text books, and try to understand the process and then memorise it. At the end of the lecture, the teacher may ask a few short questions and judge what the class learned. Generally some bright students are able to answer these questions and the time for class is over. The class ends.

PrismArt brings about a innovative development in schools. The biology teacher is able to demonstrate the mechanism for duplication of genes on a big screen with 3 dimensional effects. If the students find any point difficult, the teacher can pause the animation or rerun it as many times as necessary. He can also enlarge or colour any part of the video to show any idea. The geography teacher can display the tectonic plates moving and pushing each other to form mountains and seas. The history teacher can show enactments of various aspects of the Greek civilization and make them vivid and interesting for the students. The students may witness the trial of Socrates or the conquests of Alexander. The students do not have to force themselves to concentrate. Rather they feel themselves a part of the lesson. The ideas of the teachers become interesting and also entertaining for the pupils. Even weak students in the class are able to retain many of the concepts demonstrated on the screen. children get both video and audio contributions on what and how happens and are able to retain the information with less boredom and efforts.

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Academic Heights Public School is one of the foremost secondary schools of India that brings forth innovative teaching and learning methodologies


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We, at BACHPAN, realise that the child's time spent with us is vital to initiate his/her intellectual and spiritual growth .



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